Zograph Reading

On 16-18 May 2012, “the Institute of Oriental Manuscripts, St. Petersburg” along with “the Museum of Anthropology & Ethnography (
Kuntstkamera) and “St. Petersburg State University” organized annual Indological conference “Zograph Readings” (now 32 year old tradition) in its institute at St. Petersburg.

Wreath laying ceremony & Victory Day celebrations

On 8 May 2012, the Consul General laid wreath at the Victory memorial at Peskarskoye cemetery, St. Petersburg. On 9 May 2012, St. Petersburg celebrated anniversary of Victory day i.e. Russian victory over Germany in the Second World War.

Amity students’ visit to the Consulate

On 22-27 Apr 2012, 30 students from the Amity schools (Delhi, GurgaonLucknow) participated in the Eurofest 2012 (creativity learning programme organized by Odyssey of the Mind World fair) at St. Petersburg. On 25 Apr 2012, students along with the accompanying AMITY teachers and organizers visited the Consulate and shared their experiences with the Consul General.

Open India Festival at St. Petersburg

On 16-22 Apr, Indian Film and culture festival was held at Saint Petersburg on the occasion of 65th anniversary of Indo-Russian diplomatic relations. Indian Ambassador Shri Ajai Malhotra inaugurated the event at St. Petersburg on 16 Apr 2012. 


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