Miscellaneous Consular Services
I. Attestations:
  1. Attestation of civil documents like Sworn Affidavits, Birth Certificates, Educational Certificates etc.
  2. Power of Attorney
  3. Commercial documents
 Documents Required for all types of Attestation services:
    1. Miscellaneous Services Form duly filled (Form).
    2. The document to be attested.
    3. Four Photographs of size 40 mm X 40 mm
    4. Passport in original, along with its copies, of bio-data pages (first and last page), page containing Russian visa and any other endorsement pages.
    5. Copy of Russian Registration Slip along with original.
    6. Copy of Russian Work Permit/Business Permit, if applicable, along with original.
NOTE:   All attestation services will normally be rendered in 3 – 4 working days. Applications in which references are required to be made may take longer.
II.  Other miscellaneous consular services:
  1. Police Clearance Certificate (PCC)
  2. Character Certificate
  3. Identity Certificate
Documents Required for all types of  miscellaneous Consular Services:
Same as mentioned for attestation services.
NOTE - Important information pertaining to Miscellaneous Consular Services:
(a)   Miscellaneous consular services will normally be rendered in 3 – 4 working days. Applications in which references are required to be made may take longer.
(b)    PCC will be issued within the prescribed period of 3 – 4 working days on the basis of available records. In cases where records are not available/ incomplete,
 PCC will be issued only on receipt of necessary clearance from the concerned authority.
 Attestation (per signature of Consular Officer)
 Attestation of educational certificate, passport copy, adoption documents. Etc Rbl. 390.00
  1. Power of attorney (Ordinary) Rbl. 390.00
  2. Power of attorney (Property and Finance-related) Rbl. 700.00
  3. Sworn affidavit Rbl. 390.00
  4. Commercial Document (Export from foreign country to India) Rbl. 1630.00
  5. Commercial document (Export from India to foreign country) Rbl. 700.00
  6. Issue of certificate in respect of name, date of birth, etc. Rbl. 850.00
NOTE: For attestation of other documents, please contact Consular Assistant for fee details by sending email stating the nature
of the document, designation of Russian authorities who have attested it and the purpose for which attestation by the CGI isrequired.     
 Registration of Birth Rbl. 700.00
  1. Emergency Certificate & Renewal of Emergency Certificate (same charges) Rbl. 540.00
  2. Issue of Duplicate Emergency Certificate (Lost) Rbl. 850.00
  3. Police Clearance Certificate (PCC + service charges) Rbl. 850.00
  4. Registration of Marriage Rbl. 1630.00
!!!  Visa and consular fees, once paid will not be refunded

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