No: Spb/415/1/2011
Consulate General of India

Office Order

As per the Government of India rules published in extraordinary notification by the Ministry of External Affairs by authority on the Gazette of India on 5th of April 2011, an Indian Community Welfare Fund (ICWF) has been constituted in this Post w.e.f. 27thSeptember 2012. The Indian community in the consular jurisdiction of this Consulate is welcome to give voluntary contributions to the Fund.  The Post will issue proper receipt for the contributions received from the Indian community.


Consul & HOC
(C.P. Gandhi)


As per extent Rules of Government of India, the service fee schedule effective from
28 November, 2016 is as follows:

Passport fees


  1. Ordinary Passport (due to expiration of validity, change of name, change of address, inclusion of name of spouse, deletion of Emigration Check Required) Rbl. 2415.00
  2. Jumbo Passport (60 pages) Rbl. 3195.00
  3. Duplicate Passport in lieu of lost or damaged Rbl. 4735.00
  4. Duplicate Passport in lieu of lost or damaged (Jumbo Passport (60 pages)) Rbl. 5505.00
  5. Ordinary Passport (Minor up to 15 years of age) Rbl. 1645.00
  6. New Passport (Minor) 36 pages (NP + Birth Registration) 1645+725 = Rbl. 2370.00


  1. OCI Fresh Application Rbl.10065.00
  2. OCI (For PIO Card holders) Rbl. 765.00

 Attestation (per signature of Consular Officer) 

  1. Attestation of educational certificate, passport copy, adoption documents. Etc Rbl. 415.00
  2. Power of attorney (Ordinary) Rbl. 415.00
  3. Power of attorney (Property and Finance-related) Rbl. 725.00
  4. Sworn affidavit Rbl. 415.00
  5. Commercial Document (Export from foreign country to IndiaRbl. 1655.00
  6. Commercial document (Export from India to foreign country) Rbl. 725.00
  7. Issue of certificate in respect of name, date of birth, etc. Rbl. 875.00


  1. Registration of Birth Rbl. 725.00
  2. Emergency Certificate & Renewal of Emergency Certificate (same charges) Rbl. 565.00
  3. Issue of Duplicate Emergency Certificate (Lost) Rbl. 875.00
  4. Police Clearance Certificate (PCC + service charges) Rbl. 875.00
  5. Registration of Marriage Rbl. 1655.00
  6. Renunciation of Indian Citizenship Rbl. 4795.00



Consul General
(Arun Kumar Sharma)


Visa and consular fees once paid will not be refunded


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